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Practice Areas

JFY now has considerable experience in sourcing talent for these sectors.
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We support Banking Industry for fresh talent across multiple business verticals.

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Finance, Micro-finance

We recruit for finance jobs at every level; from Finance Support, Investment Services, Retail Assets, etc.

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We help in finding young minds and quality talents.


We provide retail job seekers and employers with the most comprehensive recruitment and selection services available.

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We search for fresh talent for Customer Service Executives and Call Centre Executives.

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Some of the Career options are: Front office, Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, etc.

JFY for Corporates

Aligned for large scale recruitment efforts across India
from metros to Tier 4 towns. Call us if you are planning to recruit more than 500 people this year.


Bulk Hiring

Configurable processes. End to end service including testing and interviews.


Recruit Train Deploy

We source, screen and train the candidates before deploying them on your site.


Recruitment process outsourcing

Use our team to supplement your recruitment efforts. Already implemented at large MNCs in India.


3rd party payroll

Scale up your business without worrying about resources


GIG Economy

Reach out to the millennial / professionals who are looking at short term assignments, temporary jobs

About Jobs for Youth

Lies in our reach – from metros to small towns in India and in our end-to-end process. We can test, interview, train and deploy for you.

We are committed to search the widest to source the best

We have seen many websites offering first and early jobs in India but the difficulty of getting the first job and a good career is still a challenge for most of the graduates. Read any research report and you will see that industry has jobs to offer but graduates are still looking for jobs. Whether this is to do with the industry not reaching where the graduate is available or the graduate is not meeting the standard the industry is looking for. Whatever the reason there is a mismatch. JFY aims to make it simple for the youth to launch or consolidate their careers.

About Jobs for Youth


From training and certification courses to job fairs,
JFY can work with you in all these areas.

Training courses

We work closely with the placement office of the college to place their graduating students in their first job.


Job Fairs

We conduct job fairs for groups of colleges so that we bring the corporates in direct contact with the students.

Certification courses

We can provide specific industry specific training programs to sill the students and get them ready for their roles in the corporate world.


Industry interfaces

We bring experts from all the sectors we work in to talk and share “Life in the corporate world”.

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Outsourced placements

JFY can take over the full placement services of the college for a fee and manage the process end to end.

Training courses

We work closely with the placement office of the college to place their graduating students in their first job.



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